News: Xooloo launches digital coach app for teens and announces full U.S. launch


New family device management solution puts teens in control of data to teach positive media habits and brings France’s successful Xooloo App Kids to the U.S.

San Francisco, CA – – Today, family device management company Xooloo ( launches Xooloo Digital Coach, its first product aimed at providing teens and parents with insight into teen media usage. Xooloo Digital Coach empowers teens to use relevant data and metrics to explore new technology responsibly. Xooloo is also announcing its global expansion from France to the United States, making Xooloo’s successful children’s app Xooloo Kids, available in the US, for younger kids to safely use their parents’ devices. Together, both Xooloo Digital Coach and Xooloo App Kids, now available via Google Play on Android, help families manage all aspects of their digital lives.

Xooloo Digital Coach enables pre-teens and teens to autonomously learn to understand and manage time spent on their devices through real time in-app notifications, self-monitoring dashboards and benchmarks of their phone and app time usage. It also lets teens view data on what their peers are consuming to give a realistic understanding of how their usage compares to other teens, prompting them to practice better digital habits (ex: How much time 14 year olds in their area are spending on Instagram per day).

Xoolo Digital Coach is managed through the corresponding app, Xooloo Parents, which gives parents insight into their teens’ digital landscape and the ability to have a comprehensive view of multiple children’s habits. Using the Xooloo Parents dashboard, parents use the data and metrics they are provided to set more effective and fair rules for their children as well as create custom boundaries per child. Parents are able to set time limits for individual apps or disable certain apps at specific times of the day (ex. No games or Snapchat after 10pm).

“Our goal is to empower children and teens to be responsible digital citizens. We strongly believe in facilitating open conversations between parents and their children about their digital habits,” says Gregory Veret, Founder and CEO of Xooloo. “We’re excited that Xooloo’s apps can open up that dialogue and encourage parents and children to work together in this space.”

For younger children without a personal device, Xooloo App Kids allows parents to safely share and transform their smartphones and tablets into a child’s personalized space that is fun for the little ones with approved games, apps, contacts, secure browsing, and more.

Xooloo Digital Coach (Ages 10+) Available through Xooloo Family Pack

(managed by the companion Parents app)

Self – Regulation: Digital Coach helps teens and their parents see a full picture of their app and internet usage, with personalized advice given by Digital Coach to help teens adjust their habits. With this ability, parents can give a sense of autonomy to their children, allowing them to build responsible digital habits for themselves.

Real time insights + benchmarks: By showing how teens compare to peers to help them understand how their usage stacks up, teens can analyze and adjust how much time they are spending on apps, social media, and the internet accordingly and parents understand how their kids compare to their peers, allowing them to set realistic expectations.

Time Requests: Teens can send their parents requests for additional time in certain apps, and view notifications that their parents have sent via the companion Parents app. Teens can also receive extra time-in-app rewards for practicing great digital habits.

Privacy is respected: There’s no geo tracking software and the content of messages or phone calls is never exposed.

“Dinner Time” feature: Parents can temporarily disables phones for a desired amount of time, giving families the option for tech-free dinners and meetings.

In-app Notifications: Children have free range to download apps, and parents receive a notification on their companion Parents app so that they can assess whether each one is appropriate without being intrusive.

Xooloo Kids (For Ages 8 and Under) – Available through Xooloo Family Pack

Security: Parents can turn their existing device into a safe device for children; parent’s existing settings, contacts, messages, and apps remain secure while the child has access to the device, giving parents peace of mind.

Time Management: Parents can set quotas and time slots for each day of the week to limit the time spent on a device.

Fun Zone: Children can easily enjoy a selection of games approved by their parents and watch cartoons on Xooloo TV.

Pricing Details (After initial free 30 day trial)

Though the family pack users get all of Xooloo’s services and can choose whether Digital Coach or Xooloo Kids works best for their family, depending on the age of their children.

1 Device (1 license of either Digital Coach or Xooloo Kids) = $2.99 a month or $29.99 per year

3 Devices (3 licenses of any combo of Digital Coach or Xooloo Kids) = $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year

Unlimited device/licenses (Unlimited amount of Digital Coach or Xooloo Kids) = $6.99 a month or $59.99 per year

For more information, please visit Xooloo’s website:

About Xooloo:

Xooloo creates innovative solutions designed for kids that allows them to access their favorite technology without restrictions. Xooloo launched its suite of apps, Xooloo Digital Coach, Xooloo Parents and Xooloo Kids, in France by siblings Gregory and Aurore Veret and has recently expanded to the U.S. in 2017. Xooloo Digital Coach and Xooloo Kids are available for download on Google Play, companion app Xooloo Parents is available on iOS and Android.