Ozobot Bit 2.0 by Ozobot – Review

Ozobot Bit 2.0 is a small robot, about the size of your hand. Don’t let the small size fool you, this handheld robot brought hours of fun to my seven year old. My son loved having dance parties, STEM and science inspired learning, computer programming, cooperative play and more. The Ozobot Bit was ready to play with as soon as you opened the box. The Ozobot uses twin motors to drive quietly and precisely while using a sensor at the bottom of the robot which allows it to scan the path. Ozobot Bit can see color, follow lines (both on your device as well as drawn on a piece of paper) and detect intersections. My son drew intricate patterns using a Sharpie marker as well as using the included app. The Ozobot Bit runs for about an hour on a single charge, and charged in about two hours. I loved that it included STEM lesson plans which helped me tailor learning to him both on and off of the device.

Ozobot Bit is just over an inch tall and one inch wide. Ozobot can be played with either using your iDevice (iPad) or by drawing lines on paper which it will trace. You can also use OzoBlocky which lets you use your desktop or laptop computer, and create your own movement schedules such as how fast or slow you want your Ozobot to move, what light pattern you want it to flash, if you want it to go forward or back and how many times you want it to complete a particular movement pattern.

When we opened Ozobot Bit there were several small cards which had pre-designed pattern templates designed to help you calibrate your Ozobot. We drew out some designs while we waited for the Ozobot to get a full charge and be ready to go. We also downloaded a few of the Apps including my sons favorite, the Ozobot Groove which had some pre-designed dance moves and then he could make up his own patterns. I loved that my son was programming – without even realizing it as he worked step by step to create the dance moves he wanted his Ozobot to complete. When we sat down at the computer, I explained that the moves we made on the screen would be brought to life using the Ozobot. We used the Ozobot Bit to complete some science homework one night – which required him to write a simple program which I filmed using my iPhone to share with his teacher. It was a win win because my son loved the activity and it brought science to life. Some of the patterns he made were crazy – with lots of blinking lights while others were more choreographed and easier to follow along.

In terms of enhancements, I would suggest a bit better instructions when using a marker and paper. We had to experiment a bit with the thickness of the paper as well as which marker to use. Both Sharpies and Crayola markers worked well on plan white printer paper, while heavier weight art based paper with colored markers was a bit more of a miss. I’m not sure why, but suspect it was because the thickness of the paper made it harder due to the lack of smoothness for the Ozobot Bit to follow along.

Ozobot Bit would be a great item to add to your kids holiday shopping list. It’s fun, portable, easy to use and has provided many hours of fun to my seven year old. It will provide skills such as early programming using Blocky, setting patterns and routines using the included iPad or iPhone app as well as off device fun. The versatility, portability and fun of a robot that can work on many different surfaces from a tablet, to paper to a program run on your computer will have your child entertained for hours! STEM learning at it’s best! My son asks if we can adapt his weekly science homework to somehow include the Ozobot Bit. I call that a win for sure!

The Ozobot Bit can be purchased for approximately $59.99 and is available from many retailers including Amazon and New Egg

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