Print n Share By EuroSmartz Ltd – Review

Print n Share by EuroSmartz is one of those apps that once you have it you wonder how did I ever get along without it? It is a universal app that allows you to print from your iPad or iPhone to any printer, negating the need to have an Air Print printer, but it also does so much more than that.

Once I started to use my iPad a lot I often found I wanted to print directly from it, so when we needed a new printer we bought an Air Print printer, but frankly I have been very disappointed. The printer itself is beautiful and makes great copies, but the ink comes in much smaller cartridges than our old printer (both are HP), making it much more expensive to run, and the functionality of printing from the iPad, or iPhone, is severely limited. I can print from Pages and other apps that have Air Print capabilities, but I can’t print my calendar, webpages, emails or many other things than I can easily print from my MacBook.

All that has changed with installing the Print n Share app on my iPad and iPhone. I have tested it with both my newer Air Print printer and my older non-Air Print printer and it has worked really well with both. Both of my printers are Wi-Fi printers but you can even use it with non-Wi-Fi printers if you connect them to your computer and install the free WePrint software on your computer and use that as a relay (I did not test this).

Because it has so many functions there is a lot to learn about this app – and help is at hand, is has a useful quick start guide in the “files” section of the app that helps you get started. If you have more questions click on the “?” on the home screen which has a long list of FAQ, and if that doesn’t solve your problem they have a help desk open 24hrs.

With Pages (or other Apple apps that have printing options), within “share and print” you chose “open in another app”, then which format you would like to print in -PDF, Word or Pages, and Print n Share will come as up an option to open the document in. You can print on any Wi-Fi printer on the same network, and you can also set it up to work remotely via 3G/ 4G (which involves setting up a new Gmail account as a controller). The app will list any Wi-Fi printers in range and any printers you have previously set up, and let you choose which to print from. The first time you use a printer it will have you do some test prints to ensure it is working properly.

For calendar, email, contacts, images and webpages you manage printing them from within the Print n Share app.

I love being able to easily print out my calendar from my iPad or iPhone – I use my iOS calendar to manage my schedule but really like to have a print version on the wall where all the family can see what is coming up this week. From Print n Share I can print out my daily, weekly or monthly calendar at the touch of a button. I can also email my calendar from within the app, which is useful for keeping your spouse or business colleagues up to date on your weekly calendar.

To print a web page you just enter the URL in the Web page section of the app and you can print from there.

For emails you can print two ways. If you just want to print the content of the email the simplest is to click on it and copy all, then open the Print n Share app and the copied text/ images will appear on your clipboard and you can print it from there. This also works really well when you want to print a portion of an email e.g. a coupon. The other way is to add your email accounts into the email section of the app, then you can search your emails from within the app and print them from there.

iPad Screenshot 3

You can also print your photos, contacts and anything you add to your clipboard.

I’ve been using this app for just under 2 weeks and feel like I’m still scratching the surface of understanding all you can do with it, but I am loving being able to print from my iPad and iPhone without needing an Air Print printer and being able to print things that I couldn’t even print WITH an Air Print printer in the past! The app even allows you to set up printing over 3G/4G so you can print on the go. It also integrates with cloud services such as iCloud and Dropbox and lets you convert documents to PDFs. A great iOS printing app, but also so much more, Print n Share is a really useful app and one that I am adding to my list of must have apps.

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