Puppet Workshop – Creativity App for Kids by Sebastian Bachorzewski – Review

Puppet Workshop – Creativity App for Kids by Sebastian Bachorzewski from Jump App is a fun and creative iPad only app for kids 3 to 12 years of age. Jump App are the developers of such apps as Recycling Workshop, Toy Repair Workshop and Cute food.   With Puppet Workshop, kids can create their own sock or glove puppet. With all of the accessories available, the possibilities are endless! You start off by choosing a glove or a sock from the 20 different templates. You can then choose your bling from the accessories such as buttons, strings, zips, material, shapes etc. You finish off by choosing a background (either one of the provided or one you upload yourself), naming your puppet and then taking a snap for your collection.

We liked this app because it is easy to use, the graphics are simple and colourful and it is fun. The fact that there are lots of socks or gloves and accessories to choose from is a great feature. My almost three year old loves this app, she was pretty excited when she saw it and started to make her puppet straight away. She has now made her own collection of puppets.

I wish the sock or glove could actually move like a puppet once all dressed up and you could record yourself doing a puppet show and play the video later. I also would have liked it if the accessories would go on the puppet by just tapping on them from the list as it can be a bit difficult for little hands to scroll threw all the variations of buttons for example and drag them through to the puppet. I think those features would be more beneficial than being able to rotate, flip or change the size of the accessories.

The app has a separate ‘more apps’ page which can be accessed with a simple click but it requires the solving of a math problem to download extra apps. A separate parents’ page contains information, settings and contact details that can be accessed by pressing & holding the area to enter. There are no in-app purchases, ads, social media links or data collection in this app.

Overall we love this app and would recommend it. It is fun and because it is simple and has great graphics, little ones can be creative without making any mess! With a few extras, this app would be  fantastic!