Review and Giveaway for Flash & Thunder Interactive Game and Graphic Novel from INVICTA Challenge

Flash & Thunder is the first Interactive Game and Graphic Novel from INVICTA Challenge. INVICTA Challenge is on a mission to engage kids in reading and inspire them through telling stories about real life American heroes.

Flash & Thunder is set during WW2 and tells the story of Turner Turnbull, a Native American paratrooper, and his incredible leadership during D-Day.

When they open the box the player will find a card describing the INVICTA Challenge, an operations packet with 15 mission cards, 2 maps and a detailed posable 6″ action figure.


INVICTA is Latin for “the unconquered” and an acronym for the 7 pillars of leadership: Integrity, Nobility, Valor, Initiative, Curiosity, Tenacity and Accountability. The mission of the company is to tell real life leadership stories and inspire kids to become leaders.

The player must study the operations packet and the maps before reading the novel. The mission cards are glossy full color 2 sided cards that cover a lot of background information. The player learns about the Nazis, the history of WW2 leading up to D-Day and the planned Allied Invasion. They also learn about the troops on both sides that are involved in the story, their gear and weapons, how they fight, as well as learning about some of the characters they will encounter. As well as color pictures and maps the cards also have copies of historical black and white photos from the time.

As they read the story they need to make decisions that decide the fate of Turner and his men and affect the course of history. They have to take into consideration what they have learned about the enemy, the terrain and the big picture of the invasion plans. Throughout the book they need to make decisions and try to think like a leader as they replay decisions Turnbull and other leaders had to face. Will the mission succeed or fail? That depends on how well they have studied the operations packet. If they make the right decision the story moves forward, if they make the wrong decision they see the consequences of their action and the mission fails, they can then go back a step to make a different choice.

After studying the operations packet and reading the graphic novel they can go online to They have created nearly 30 videos that bring the operations packet to life putting the story in historical perspective and showing video clips from the time. They can also play an interactive video game which is an animated digital version of the graphic novel. The online content will become available in app form soon.

Overall, I think Flash & Thunder is a great gift, it will appeal mostly to boys but some of the other INVICTA Challenge stories in the pipeline will appeal to both boys and girls. The story is based on a real-life episode during WW2 and whilst playing the child will learn history, get an insight into leadership skills and how tough it can be to make the right decision. I love that there are so many elements to the game- the detailed action figure, studying the mission cards, reading the maps, reading the story, making choices, watching historical videos and playing the video game. I love products that encourage children to read and with this game if they want to succeed they can’t just jump into playing the video game they really need to read the mission cards and study the maps first to guide them in the decision process. A great value for $34.99 !

Available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and the National WW2 Museum.

Note from INVICTA Challenge: In honor of our first hero, we helped create a Turner Turnbull Scholarship with the Chahta Foundation, a nonprofit that works alongside the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. We donate a portion of our game sales to this scholarship supporting a Choctaw Nation student in his or her 2nd year of college.

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