Review of Catch the Wally – Hide and Seek game for curious kids by Funny Yummy Studio UG

Catch the Wally is the newest app from kids app developer Funny Yummy Studios, we reviewed their first app Funny Yummy last year . Catch the Wally can be played on iPhone or iPad and is a beautifully illustrated hide and seek game. Players try to find where Wally, a cute purple spider, is hiding.

The idea behind Catch the Wally is very simple, but it is very well done. In a classic hide and seek game Wally hides behind a brick wall and the player has to find his hiding place in 20 moves or less. At the start of the app you can watch a fun introductory video presented as an old style movie reel which shows a lot is going on behind the wall!

When you are ready to play Wally climbs down a thread of spider silk into view, to the accompaniment of some great atmospheric spooky background music. Wally points to a switch on the wall, flicking the switch plunges the scene into darkness with quick flashes of Wally’s smile as he hurries to hide. When the lights come back on the player is in a basement looking at a brick wall. To find Wally the player removes bricks one by one. Sometimes there is an empty space behind the brick, other times a fun interactive scene.

The hidden scenes include mice enjoying a pizza dinner, a windup gramophone you can actually play, a caterpillar munching on a bowl of strawberries, and many more. The scenes change location each time too, so it is just as much fun trying to find hidden scenes as trying to find Wally. Sometimes Wally is hidden in a scene, other times he is on his own behind a brick. But as you hunt for watch out for another hidden surprise – a bomb is hidden too and finding it blows out all the bricks and ends the game (but no-one gets hurt!)

The app supports multiple player profiles, so you can keep track of how many times you beat Wally and how often he beats you! One addition I would like to see is the option to vary the difficulty level, there are 54 bricks and you have 20 tries to find Wally, so the odds are stacked in his favor. Younger players might get upset that Wally wins more often than they do, so it would be nice to be able to re-set the odds by perhaps giving them 30 tries instead of 20. The app has no adverts or in-app purchases, there is a app store link to the developers other app but it is well hidden and has a parental gate with a multiplication question.

Overall, this is a really fun game designed for 3-6 year olds, but I think that older kids will enjoy it too. It has beautiful illustrations, atmospheric sound effects, fun hidden interactions and a fun, quirky feel to it, it is fun to find the hidden life behind the walls and fun to beat Wally!

Catch the Wally – Hide and Seek game for curious kids by Funny Yummy Studio UG
Price: $2.99 USD

Wally is a wall creature, a naughty little spider who lives behind the wall and loves to hide from the player. While trying to catch the Wally, young players will discover many other creatures who live.