Review of the Impact Mesh iPad Mini Case by Tech 21

Tech 21 are a British company that specialize in making impact resident cases for Apple devices. I first came across Tech 21 at The International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas and was impressed by how slimline they were for protective cases, so I was interested in checking them out in more detail. I tested the Impact Mesh Case for iPad Mini with an original iPad Mini. This case is available in 4 color choices: Clear, Smokey, Pink and Blue and is available for all iPad Mini models.

The case is made from a very interesting material – D3O® impact material which absorbs and dissipates impact. This is a polymer, which in its raw state is a liquid, but when exposed to impact the molecules lock together to become rigid which dissipates the force. The larger the force the more the molecules lock together, thus protecting your device more You can read more about this on the Tech 21 website.

The Impact Mesh Case is transparent with a hint of color, it is smooth on the outside with a mesh pattern inside which shows through the case. It is quite flexible and easy to put onto the iPad Mini, snapping on over the 4 corners. It has cutouts over the speakers, charging port, headphone jack and mute button, with button covers over the volume control and the power button. It is designed to work with the Apple Smart Cover and so has a large cutout running almost the entire length of one long side.

This is a very slim, lightweight case it only weighs 73gm (less than 3oz) and hardly adds anything to the height or width of the Mini, and makes it about 3mm thicker ( approx. 0.1 inch).

Dimensions of the iPad Mini without and (with) the case

Height: 7.87 inches /200 mm (8.2 inches/ 209mm)
Width: 5.3 inches /134.7 mm (5.6 inches/143mm)
Depth: 0.28 inch /7.2 mm ( 0.39 inches/ 10mm)
Weight: 0.68 pound /308 g (0.84 pound / 381g)
I have been using this case on my iPad Mini for the last couple of weeks and love how thin and lightweight it is, it is great to be able to enjoy the sleek lightweight design of the iPad Mini yet still have it protected well. I have not been using it with a Smart Cover but I would recommend doing so to protect the screen from scratches when carrying it and to give extra protection to that exposed side.

My one gripe with the cover it that the buttons are hard to use with it on. My children are usually pretty independent iPad users, but they have been asking me to help them switch off the iPad or change volume as the buttons are too stiff for their little fingers. Even as an adult I find I have to press really hard to switch off the power or change the volume- to the extent it can actually make your fingertips tender repeatedly pressing the volume button to increase or decrease the volume. I would love this case to have a different material covering the buttons, or even a cutout over the buttons to alleviate this problem.

Overall, if you want a protective case for your iPad Mini whilst maintaining its slim, sleek lightweight profile, the Tech 21 Impact Mesh is a good option, it is made from an innovative material that gives very good impact protection in a slim package; however I wouldn’t recommend it for use with children or others with fine motor issues as the volume and power buttons on the case are very stiff and require a lot of pressure to operate.

The Impact Mesh iPad Mini Case is available from the Tech 21 Website, RRP 39.95

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.