Save your Planet Kids by Adaiah Distribution Inc. – Review

Save your Planet Kids by Adaiah Distribution Inc is a universal app for iOS. The app features a number of great ideas to help your kids become more eco-friendly including reminders to turn off the water when brushing your teeth, recycling, turning off electronics when not in use, using the washing machine, not wasting resources
As a mom, I feel like I am always walking around turning off lights, closing doors and trying to reduce energy usage. We have done a number of things including switching our lights to LED, but my kids always seem to leave them on. I tested this app with my toddler to try and install good habits – as well as good sleep habits. The app has six different activities on the main screen which remind you about eco friendly ideas and when you complete the task, three birds come up and sing a song. The app also includes coloring of each of the scenes which you can save to your camera roll. The app also has settings which allow you to turn on and off narration, and play with the birds to make music. These are not parental gated.

My toddler’s favorite activity within the app was recycling – this is one of his jobs at home to help me sort out the recycling for our every other week pickup. I liked that we could practice it within the app – for example newspaper goes in this bin, while cans go in another to help him understand what can and can’t go into the recycle bin. I also liked the reminders to turn off lights when not in the room – I feel like my older son leaves the lights on all the time. We actually sat down and talked about energy usage and why it was important to turn off lights and conserve energy. I also liked that the app had bright clean graphics that were in 3D and very realistic. The reminders contained within the app were sweet and gentle – and provided good reminders without seeming overly pushy to my kids.

In terms of improvements, it would be nice if in the paint section of the app you could choose the size brush that you are using. Currently, there is only one size brush although there are quite a few different colors. I also want to see a parental lock on the drawings, you can directly share to social media which is a big downside for me. I usually turn off social media on my devices when I let kids use them, but parent’s shouldn’t have to remember to do this step. I would like to see more eco-friendly ideas in the future like encouraging walking instead of driving, making sure the thermostat isn’t too high or low, and perhaps the option for single stream recycling within the app.

Cute app that encourages environmental reminders – my kids are doing better turning off the water when not in use as well as turning off the lights. I call that a huge win!

Save Your Planet Kids by 3D Pioneer Systems INC
Price: $1.99 USD

Play! Enjoy the Eco educational environmental Gameplay for Children with amazing 3D Graphics and Save Your Planet!!

Create! Color your favorite scenes, Create your own Paints and Save them!