Sound Salad – Help Mr. Ear by Sorting Sounds by Funny Yummy – Review

Sound Salad by Funny Yummy Studios is an auditory perception app that requires players to match sounds to the correct object. Funny Yummy Studios is also the developer of the addictive “Catch the Wally” where you play hide ‘n seek with a spider in a brick wall and Funny Yummy, a delightful interactive story book for younger children. As with their other apps, Sound Salad has high-quality mixed-media graphics and animations which are unique and quirky.

There is a short video at the beginning explaining how all the sounds got mixed up. Your mission is to help Mr. Ear sort out all the sounds and return peace and harmony to the city. The engaging game format and imaginative animations will keep kids playing until they reach the next level.

Visual prompts are provided on the initial screen to show how to drag the musical note to the matching object. When a mistake is made, the page resets until the matches are made correctly. This builds memory and learning skills instead of just allowing kids to make random guesses to pass the level.

The easy setting allows for each sound to be played individually and then to immediately make a match. For a greater challenge, the advanced mode automatically plays all the sounds and then requires the matches to be made from memory. Neither setting allows for repetition of the sounds which may become a source of frustration for younger children.

Most of the matches are common objects such as animals, instruments, or vehicles, but some are less concrete. For instance, the sound of a lullaby is represented by a baby’s crib mobile. In addition, some of the most challenging matches include musical concepts portrayed visually. For example, a rhythm pattern may be represented by a rock formation or a pitch pattern by a diagonal graphic indicating rising pitch. While these may be tricky for younger users, these conceptual images help to build logic and inference skills.

There are 4 modes of play which allow you to set the number of objects to match from 2, 3, or 4 items. All of these levels can be played on either the easy (play sounds individually) or the advanced setting (match sounds from memory). You can also adjust the speed of game play by adding a time restriction to increase the challenge for older kids.

The game is available in 11 different languages. There are no in-app purchases or third party advertising. Recommended for ages 3-10.

In summary, Sound Salad is an outstanding and well-developed app which helps to develop listening skills in children of all ages. It is useful for promoting attentiveness and auditory memory as well as inference and logic skills. As a speech pathologist, this app will be very useful in therapy to help develop auditory perception skills. It could also be used to promote expressive language by having kids name and describe the objects pictured and the type of sound being produced. These are all skills necessary for educational success. My own 3-year old found the app to be funny and engaging. He loved the animations of the silly ear. He couldn’t put it down.

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Sound Salad is a sound-object association game which trains concentration, attentive listening, imaginative and logical thinking.

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