Spelling Hangman by Emma Mills – Review

Spelling Hangman, created by Emma Mills, is a new, exciting way, to practice the spelling words given each week. I work in an elementary school and “spelling” is no longer the term used; however, a similar concept exists. This app allows a child/student to work on their given words through a more enjoyable mode.

Spelling Hangman allows the facilitator to record the words they wish to be practiced through a “Configure Test” option. This option allows the words to be set up under a given name such as “week 1”, or “ar words”, etc. As a speech-language pathologist, I believe this could be utilized within the therapy room as well. When working with a group of students focused on a particular sound (“r”, for example), the therapist could program in those words, allowing the students to try and guess words with “r” in them. Just an SLP’s twist on a general education app!

Another perk is the ability to see how well the child/student has done on each of the test through the “High Score” option. The current downside is that you cannot see how they have progressed in their ability. The only available score is the “high score”.

I want to provide a little insight: I had some troubles working through the app in regards to adding a new word into a test suite. Each attempt caused me to receive a pop up that that asked me to enter a new spelling. Unfortunately, the only way to escape that screen was to close to app completely and reopen it. What I found was that I needed to click “return” on my keyboard instead of clicking out of the keyboard. When I clicked “return” it allowed me the option to record; however, if I clicked out of the keyboard and pressed “done”, the action was not complete, so I received the error.

I love the ability to motivate children to practice through a game that has been loved for so many years. This is a game that is played to pass the time and this app makes it functional and entertaining!

In terms of enhancements, I would like to see a “cancel” option. I would also love to see a popup with instructions that can be shut off through the settings. When I first started working through this app, I had to learn by trial and error. That’s okay for me, but may not be for others! I would also love to see the ability to create multiple users who would have access to the specific test suites, making this even more functional for those of us in the educational setting! I would also like to see an “exit” if you open a test suite by accident. My one recommendation is to allow a facilitator to cancel an action. There is no way to avoid creating a new test suite if you click on it by accident.

I would recommend this app, for sure! I believe it could be useful within the therapy room, as a center in the general education classroom, or as a reward in a special education classroom, just to name a few. This is such a great tool to be used to functionally practice spelling words, or “word study” words as we call them! I feel this app has great potential and with the few things worked out, it would be a 5-star app! I was incredibly impressed with the app and had I known the few things I discovered, I would certainly have rated it higher!

Spelling Hangman – Emma Mills