Stanley Stand by Distil Union – Review

The Stanley Stand by Distil Union is a leather device that bends to hold your device and accessories while cooking, serving as a portable charging station, holding your tablet and more. Stanley Stand is made of leather, merino wool felt and heavy steel. The Stanley Stand is covered on the outside by leather in your choice of color (black, brown, gray, lime, aqua, red) and on the inside is Merino wool felt. They cover up a piece of steel inside which bends to make the Stanley stand usable in so many situations. Each stand has light grey Merino wool felt which has white stitching, and the darker stand (black) has darker grey felt with black stitching. The stand features a small hole in the back designed to feed your cables through so they are not in the way of your device.

You can use it as a non-traditional dock on your desk at work, on your kitchen counter to hold your device while cooking, to act as a small typing stand or simply to get your device up from a flat spot. It will hold phones and tablets up to 8″ tall and held my iPad Mini in a Griffin Survivor case quite comfortably. You can bend the stand to your viewing angle (so you can watch movies while it is on a table or use it for cooking) or a low angle so you can use it as a typing stand. Inside the box is the Stanley Stand in your choice of color and a USB extension cable which is six feet, this plugs into your lightening charger for your iOS device and works with any USB cable you already use to charge your device by giving it a bit more length.

When I got my Stanley Stand I started coming up with great ideas of using it. The Stanley Stand is small enough to toss in my backpack and bring with me when I’m out with my kids, so I can stream a Netflix movie while they are having an appointment or while I wait in the car for the time of the appointment. I also brought it along as a portable charger – I like many have my iPhone go dead sometimes. This can be frustrating – especially when you find a plug but it’s a little bit too far away or perhaps you don’t want to be limited by the length of your standard issue Apple cable. Thankfully using the USB extension you can now comfortably sit in a char while having your device plugged in! I also liked the Stanley Stand when cooking – I have lots of recipes on my device but I hate touching my iPhone with dirty hands to check the ingredients. Now, I simply prop it on the Stanley Stand, turn off sleep mode and get cooking! My husband also recently brought the Stanley Stand to a conference he attended where he had all of the slides on his iPad – instead of having to hold his device while listening to the lecture he simply propped it up and could easily follow along. One of my favorite things was that I could adjust the Stanley Stand to almost any direction to make it suit my needs – it was nice that it was not molded plastic and static.

In terms of enhancements – right now I put the Stanley Stand back into the box each time I take it somewhere with me – and the box is getting a bit tattered. I haven’t figured out a better solution – it’s pretty small and fits in tight spaces but I don’t want to mistakenly stretch it out. It does fold flat – and I have done that a few times to slide it into a tight space in my bag – but I’m not sure if that is a good idea long term.

Overall, this is a great flexible stand which is perfect for anyone with tech in your life. It’s perfect for kids who may be using a tablet to do reading and need to prop it up, adults who need a desktop charging stand or anything in between. It’s held up very well during my testing and multiple uses. In fact, if anything the leather has gotten a nice patina to it. At a cost of $49.99 USD I feel the Stanley Stand is worth it and is a great gift for someone on your list who may be hard to buy for! You can buy it direct from Distil Union for $49.99, Amazon and other retailers.

Product details

Compatibility: Phones and tablets up to 8″ tall
Bend to your viewing angle, or low angle for ergonomic typing
Premium materials, skilled craftsmanship, and 1-year warranty
Materials: Leather, Merino wool felt, and heavy steel
Included: USB extension cable (6ft) – Note: Cable is NOT an iPhone cable. Instead, it works with any USB cable you already use to charge your device.