The iMums’ First Birthday Giveaway Bonanza – August 8, 2012

In August last year, I was sitting in my lounge room with my then four year old watching him play with various apps on my iPhone. His favourite was Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and as I watched him play, I was in awe of just how easily he picked up the elements of the game without even being able to read. This was the beginning of my interest in apps for kids and I began to accumulate quite a collection, much to the delight of my children! I figured I would put my newfound knowledge of these apps to good use and created a blog to share my experiences and to inform my friends about which apps were worth downloading for their children.

When I started, I had no idea how popular the site would become and just how quickly it would grow outside of my own circle of my Apple loving friends. Not only has it exceeded my expectations, it has developed into something very special and is no longer just The iMum, but The iMums. In March this year I decided to take on three lovely ladies with the same passion for children’s apps as myself to help me keep up with the workload – Alison the American iMum; Mary the British iMum (currently living in the US) and our Singaporean iMum Grace.

In April, our efforts were recognised by way of a nomination in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Tech Moms contest, in which we took the number one spot against 59 other great tech-related mum blogs and we’ve received another nomination in the Skinny Scoop Top 25 Moms in Tech contest which is currently still running (vote for us!). Some of our reviews are now also featured in an app, AppStar Picks, alongside five other quality children’s app review sites. We have also hosted a series of special event weeks including our hugely popular Let’s Talk: Speech and Communication week in May and Let’s Talk: Children’s Books week in June, also a great success.

Since our launch we have not only reviewed over 250 apps and products collectively but we have also made many wonderful new connections along the way from app developers, product suppliers and of course, our fabulous community of loyal readers. Each day hundreds of people visit our site to read our growing database of reviews, news stories and articles and of course, to enter all the awesome giveaways and we are so grateful that we have this medium to bring them to you. We have given away thousands of dollars worth of apps and products over the past year with the most popular being our Speech-EZ Apraxia Picture Sound Cards by Foundations Developmental House giveaway valued at $300, SpeechTree by IAC Professionals giveaway which was valued at almost $170 and the Dr Seuss Beginner Book Collection by Oceanhouse Media giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways, since it is our birthday, what kind of a party would it be without a gift or two… Yes, we have an absolute truckload of giveaways for you to enter, all of which will commence on our actual birthday of August 8 and spread out over the next few weeks. Everything from the latest apps and some old classics, iPad cases, toys, books and more! You’ll find them all on our dedicated Giveaways page. We do hope you can join us for this momentous occasion. Be sure to join the official Facebook Event page so you don’t miss any of the action as you never know what surprises we have in store for you! We already have some fantastic companies participating in the event including Mindshapes, PlayTales, Toca Boca, Cygnett, iBallz, Lynktec, Laughing Giraffe Books and many, many more.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal readers, social followers and app developers as you are the backbone of this site. Without you, The iMums wouldn’t be what we are today so thank you for your help in making us a great success. Who knows what the future holds for The iMums but you can guarantee there will be loads more reviews and plenty of awesome giveaways to enter. Let’s cheers to one year and here’s to many more. 🙂