The Top 10 Highest User Rated Apps of 2011

The year 2011 has come to an end and what a busy year it has been for the reviewers at We have been doing our best to bring you great, informative reviews on quality apps for the kids (and even some for the parents) but this site wouldn’t be much without the support of our loyal readers. In saying that, here they are as voted by you,’s Top 10 Highest User Rated Apps of 2011!


20111111-173306.jpgFamily Matters by Weiner Family Studios
#10 “Family Matters provides topics for your family to discuss in a variety of situations from at the dinner table, waiting in line, at a resturant, at an airport and in the doctor’s office. This app was designed because the owner was looking for a project to do with his family. Part of the proceeds from this app are donated to a family-oriented charity based on a suggestion from his children.” [Full review]

20111216-115516.jpgPreschool Edukitty by Cubic Frog Apps
#9 “A universal app which provides hours of fun teaching children a variety of games from matching patterns and sounds to colors, shapes, numbers, big and small sizes, as well as the alphabet guided by the cute kitty. There are three different skill levels that a parent can choose as well as a reward system which includes a visual reward of the kitty sliding down a slide and stamps.” [Full review]

Alien Buddies IconAlien Buddies by Artgig Apps
#8 “A universal app by Artgig Studios provides hours of fun and learning for children from preschool to early elementary school. Games include: dot to dot, matching by color, shape, letter and number (both audio and visual modes), and stickers. Using the friendly alien buddies, children can learn from a variety of characters who will teach them skills such as color recognition, letter recogntion, shapes and skills such as dragging and dropping to enhance fine motor skills.” [Full review]

Riley and the Magical Laundry Basket by Monkey Prism
#7 “The adorable Riley (voiced by an actual baby… awww) is transported to an imaginary world after falling asleep in a magical laundry basket while her Mum does the cleaning. Riley’s mission is to get to the Cupcake Palace to see the Cupcake Queen and along the way she meets some fun and interesting characters such as Jojo the helpful monkey, the beautiful magical fairy, the little candy men, the dancing dinosaurs and more (unicorns!).” [Full review]

The Monster at the end of this Book by Callaway Digital Arts
#6 “The main character in this story, loveable furry old Grover comes to life through animations and activities throughout the book. I really liked that the reader could personalize their name on the bookplate. Grover acts out the various scenes in the book which include: tying the pages together, building a wooden wall and finally building a brick wall. It was easy to figure out what you were supposed to do on each page, because a yellow circle appeared with each task, something that is very good for young readers.” [Full review]

Serving Sizer Recipe Cards by Creative Algorithms
#5 “This app allows you to copy your recipes into a database where they are all easy to find and re-size as necessary. Once you have entered the recipe, you can change the serving size and the entire recipe is converted to the number of people you need to serve. I used this app on Thanksgiving and found it was very useful in sizing recipes down for my family, plus taking photos of the various creations was wonderful so I can pull up a recipe card and see what it is that I made via a photo.” [Full review]

Toca Kitchen by Toca Boca
#4 “Toca Kitchen eatures the opportunity for children to choose a variety of foods to feed to the four characters who range from a boy and a girl to a cat and a cow. A variety of foods including: vegtables, meat, fish and fruit are available in the refrigerator waiting to be chosen by the child. The food is removed from the refrigerator and placed on the plate in front of the charater and then the preperation steps begin which range from using a food processor, boiling the item, knife, frying pan or the microwave” [Full review]


My Playhome by Shimon Young
#3 “My Playhome brings the dollhouse into the digital age by offering an entire virtual home, complete with an adorable family of five, that kids can explore and interact with. Also available on the iPhone (Pocket Playhome!), this app features beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and realistic sounds associated with each interaction. My Playhome also has a simple user interface very easy for little fingers to control.” [Full review]


No Dogs Allowed by Tizio Publishing
#2 “The “No Dog” is a mythical creature that can only be seen by children. You can’t say his name out loud – “he’ll hide if he hears it and just fade away”. The No Dog is a cute ball of fluff with big floppy ears, six legs, two tails and wings. The No Dog is “cuddly, and furry and bright. His job is to love kids and protect you at night.” [Full review]


Stay At Home Mum – The Secret to Living on One Wage by Jody Allen
#1“This practical app features the same informative articles as the web-based site in a well organised, easily accessible format for your iDevice. You’ll find advice on how save money, simple and scrumptious recipes and ultimately, tips on how to live more frugally and survive on one wage.” [Full review]

The users have spoken! A huge congratulations to the developers of these wonderful apps. Our #1 app receives three months free advertising on! You can vote for your favourite apps at any time by giving them a rating at the bottom of their review and the highest rated apps at the end of the year will once again be featured. We look forward to bringing you more reviews in 2012!

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