This is my Food – Nutrition for Kids by urbn; pockets – Review

‘This is my Food – Nutrition for Kids’ by urbn; pockets is a fun and colourful app for all ages that teaches children about food and nutrition in a fun and interactive way.

Children are invited to pick their foodie friend and select whether their friend is vegetarian or not. They are then shown a number of dishes teamed up with drinks and desserts. They can find out what’s on their plate by clicking on each element. The app is narrated by a children’s voice which is inviting for little ones.

Kids can find out why water is vital to their body, where meat & fish comes from, how fruits and vegetables as well as grains, legumes and herbs are grown, what they look like inside and what they taste like. The topic of sweets is explained from a child’s perspective. The way the information is explained varies in format, from small narrated interactive sections to one pagers that older kids can read out.

hey can also find out about world cheeses, their names, their origin and their country flag.

They can make their own sandwich by having a selection of toppings to choose from. The name of each topping is read out when pressed on.

Another informative section of this app is the garden section where kids can find out how to make their own herb garden by downloading a pdf filled with useful facts and labels for their herbs. They are also encouraged to sow seeds, take a picture, record a video on how their seeds grow and upload it under the section for future viewing and sharing with friends.

Children are invited to tick off food they have already tried from a list of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, dairy products, condiments and sweets to show to their parents. My daughter likes this section as she can tick off foods with pride. There are almost 100 items on this list currently and you can email the app developer to request for your favorite food items to be added.

The final section is all about nutrition and why we eat. It covers what constitutes a balance diet, the food groups (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water), how the food we eat is digested, how everyone eats differently (meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans) and the way food is grown (organically, regionally or seasonally).

The app is very easy to use and can keep little ones informed and entertained. This app has no in-app purchases or advertisements but has a section featuring other apps from the same developer (locked by a mathematical equation) and other settings.

It would be great if the app had an option where the additional information provided on the one pagers is also read out. Another improvement would be if the garden section had a few real life photos and videos of herbs or vegetables being grown by children.

Overall my daughter and I really enjoyed this app which is both full of food facts, lots of fun and very entertaining. My daughter was drawn by the great drawings, characters and all the fun food narrated by children. She really liked playing with the food laid out on the table, making her own sandwich and ticking off the food she has tried before.

‘This is my Food – Nutrition for Kids’ is currently featured as one of Apple’s Handpicked Apps and Games in the App Store with more than 50% discount. It is on sale at $0.99 down from $2.99 until Aug 20.