Tiny Hands Raccoon’s Treehouse – Review

inyHands Raccoon’s Treehouse is a fun, educational app for young children. it is available in 2 versions – a full version and a free lite version. Neither version has any adverts or in-app purchases, the lite version has a child-locked app store link to the full version. The lite version includes 3 mini- games and the full version has 12 mini-games.

The games work on important pre-school skills such as sorting by color, shape, size and pattern, matching, pairing and memory. Each game is randomized so it is slightly different each time the child plays which adds to the replay value. When they complete a game the child is rewarded with a short animation from that scene.The app features errorless learning- if the child chooses the wrong object they just get to try again until it is correct. If the child is having difficulties the app will show them what they need to do.

Games in the free version:

Build- Baby Raccoon’s toys have fallen apart and he needs the child’s help to rebuild them. These are simple puzzles such as putting a door, truck bed and wheels on a dump truck. They need to fix 3 toys to complete the game.

Pairing- It’s laundry time! Mama Raccoon is doing the wash, the child helps her by matching each of the 8 clothing items to its outline as they put them in the washing machine.

Sorting– It’s harvest time on the farm and the child helps Farmer Raccoon by picking the fruit and putting the right color fruit in each crate.

Additional Games in the Full Version:

Matching Polycubes– Raccoon is in the bath and a bunch of tiles are missing from the bathroom wall – the child needs to match the blocks of 2-4 tiles to where they are missing from.

Clothes– Help Sister raccoon to get dressed- she is wearing a necklace with a shape on it. The child must pick all the parts of her outfit that show the same shape.

Place- Raccoon is relaxing at home, but a variety of objects are out of place, the child needs to put them all back where they belong.

Matching Shapes- A watering can has several different shaped holes in it, the child must put the correct shapes in the holes (like in a shape sorter toy). Once they are in the right place the watering can can be used to water the flowers.

Classifying – Mama Raccoon is in the kitchen she needs to put away food and kitchen objects in the fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards. The child needs to help her put them in the right place whilst ignoring animals and objects that don’t belong, such as an owl and slipper.

Sorting Size- It is dinner time in the Raccoon household, all the family members have different size plates and the child needs to serve them the right portion size for their meal.

Matching Shape and Pattern– Raccoon is camping in a patchwork tent but it has a bunch of different shaped holes. The child mends the tent by picking the right patches that match both for shape and pattern.

Series – Papa Raccoon is in his workshop where he has a bunch of tools to put away. He keeps them stored in size order and the child needs to help him hang them up in the right order.

Memory – Out in the vegetable garden there are 12 plots each marked with a sign. Once the signs are turned around the child must remember where each crop was and find the pairs.

The games feature bright, colorful, graphics with engaging characters and and I like how they change slightly with each play. They work on important pre-school skills including: sorting and classifying, memory, visual perception and hand-eye coordination.

The app currently includes no spoken or written language, but I would love to see the addition of important vocabulary such as naming the colors, shapes, vegetables and household objects.

Overall this is a very well-made, engaging educational app for toddlers and pre-school aged children. I would definitely recommend downloading the free version to try it out for yourself.