Truglide Stylus by LYNKTec -Review and Giveaway

If like me you have had an iPad for a while and like using writing and drawing apps, then you are probably constantly on the lookout for the “perfect stylus”. I have tried many syluses over the last year, but I haven’t found one I’m truly happy with. When I heard about the Truglide Stylus from LYNKtec I was excited to try it, because it promised something truly different. The Truglide stylus doesn’t have a rubber or foam tip but instead a microfibre tip. There are three versions available: the Truglide with clip, the Truglide with tether (a smaller version) and the Truglide Duo (which includes a ballpoint pen). This review is of the Truglide with clip.

So how does it perform ?

Smoothness of Movement: The microfibre tip is a tough woven material and it moves smoothly across the screen. Before I got this, the stylus I used most was a “Griffin Stylus for Capacitive touch screens“. The Truglide definitely moves much smoother and easier than the Griffin and other rubber-tipped styluses I have tried.

Durability: LynkTec claim the microfibre tip is 10x as durable as a rubber tip, and I can believe it. I have had some rubber tips break in the past, and this just looks and feels much tougher. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it is showing no signs of wear.

Precision: This stylus has a relatively small tip (approx. 6mm diameter) which means it is noticeably more precise than other thicker tipped styluses.

Size and weight: The Truglide is 4.7″ long, which is quite a nice length for my hands. It feels about the thickness of a pencil, which is comfortable for me. I would love to see them also offer a thicker version for children who still working on their grip as it is a little too skinny for my daughter to grip well. It is fairly light at approx 0.2oz (5.7gm).

Ability to use at all angles: Some styluses have tried such as the Pogo Sketch work well if you hold them perpendicular to the screen, but not at other angles. The Truglide works well even when you hold it at an angle to the screen.

Looks: The Truglide I reviewed is the Executive Black and Gold and it looks quite stylish. It is also available in Saphire Blue, White and Silver.

Overall, I really like this stylus and it is my current favorite. Even with a screen protector on it glides smoothly across the screen and doesn’t feel like it’s catching or dragging. It’s well-made and feels like it will last a long time. It is comfortable for my hand, though it feels a little on the light side. I think this is a great stylus for adults and older kids. I’d love to see a thicker version of this stylus in nice bright colors as I think that would be a wonderful stylus for young kids too.

My Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars

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