We ARGH Pirates by Avokiddo Review & Giveaway

We ARGH Pirates by Avokiddo is an app for iOS and Android featuring Captain Rose and his crew. The app features a cast of four who are searching for a adventure on the sea. The app involves problem solving via puzzles, battle with sea monsters and digging for burred treasure. Each of the eight levels has a different challenge to solve and a gem to find in order to advance to the next level. Skills practiced within the app include fine motor, problem solving including planning ahead and solving each of the puzzles as well as being prepared for the unexpected. The crew includes: Captain Rose, Claire ‘Long Hair’, Ruprecht ‘The Shovel’ and Zany Granny. During each of the levels a specific task is required in order to advance to the next level.

Level 1: Catch the fish and magical sea bottle to move to the next level

Level 2: Run with Captain Rose and Ruprecht ‘The Shovel’ to solve puzzles along the way. There are a variety of X marks the spot as well as challenges to solve including getting a slingshot and a sword within this level.

Level 3: It’s time to ride the high seas with a pirate ship. You must jump over rocks and in some cases capture cannon balls to shoot through rocks which are too tall to jump over

Level 4: The lost totem, Claire and Ruprecht use the slingshot to shoot down coconuts and put the various characters to sleep and outwitting themwhile attempting to capture the jewel

Level 5: Bridge of Screams, move each of the characters across a bridge while evading the crows flying using only a red balloon! Use your finger to move up or down to avoid the crows

Level 6: It’s the Volcano of 1,000 caves where you go through various volcano’s and move up within the volcano. Those caves are tricky and if you go through the wrong cave you can go upwards or downwards.

Level 7:It’s time to battle the Octopus using the battle ship – what seems to start as a sedate level similar to level 3 requires jumping over rocks, capturing cannon balls then adds in a crazy Octopus which you get rid of by having Ruprecht throw buckets at.

Level 8: This level brings you to the Cave of Treasures where you dig up one last treasure chest before putting your gems to work. This was the hardest level for my son who had trouble following the gem song which required patterning and paying attention to move forward

This is a beautifully illustrated app with top notch illustrations and a fun mystery pirate theme. It kept my son entertained for hours as he sailed the ship and captured the required items to move on to the next level. As a mom, I liked that it just wasn’t an app he could run through quickly but one that required thinking and problem solving to move on to the next level. Language in the app was at a minimum which meant that if you wanted to you could mute the various sounds within the app. I loved all the skills that were practiced in a fun way that didn’t make my kids think that they were learning.
In terms of improvements, I wish there was an “easy mode” option for younger players. My son got frustrated a few times with various levels which required multiple interactions in the same level such as jumping the ship, catching the cannon ball and making sure you shot down the rock all in one fell swoop. In addition, I wish you could turn off the pop up asking you to rate the app. It is protected by the parental gate – but it was a but frustrating for my son who saw it and had to repeat the level.

Perfect for Pirate Day or any day – this app from Avokiddo delivers. My son had hours of fun solving the adventures and pretending to be a pirate. Argh Matey! There are no third party ads and the app is COPPA Compliant. External content is parental gate protected. Be sure to check out the other great Avokiddo apps for kids of all ages!

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