Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards App from Super Duper – Review & Giveaway

The Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards App is a comprehensive collection of word cards complete with photographs, stories, activities, and production cues. The app developer, Super Duper, is the number one source for speech and language materials for children. This app is an adaptation of their BIG Apraxia Photo Card Set of 562 photo cards targeting syllable structures in a systematic way.

Apraxia of speech is a motor speech disorder which affects a child’s ability to combine and sequence speech sounds to form intelligible words and phrases. Individuals with childhood apraxia of speech require intensive therapy with visual prompts and placement cues to support their verbal attempts. This app is a wonderful approach to supply these necessary therapeutic cues in a fun and interactive way.

This app provides 20 picture cards for 21 different consonant sounds or phonemes organized by place of production (bilabials, dentals, alveolars, palatals, velars, and glottal). It also targets 10 vowel sounds (both long and short). For each sound, the words are presented by syllable structure based on ease of production. Starting with the earliest developing structures of VC (“up”) and CV (“paw”) and progressing to more complex syllables like CVCV (“puppy”) and CVCVC (“paper”). The words were carefully selected to be appropriate targets gradually increasing in complexity of production across syllable structures.

iPad Screenshot 4Each phoneme has a helpful description and visual which allows the child to associate the placement/production with that particular sound. For example, /p/ is known as “The Popcorn Sound” which helps the child remember that air has to “pop” from their lips when making the sound. For each sound, there are 20 picture cards targeting the different syllable shapes (CV, CVCV, CVC, etc). There is also a story which provides auditory bombardment of the target sound which allow the children to hear the sound several times in connected speech.

To help elicit the production of each phoneme, several cues are provided (verbal, visual/tactile, elicitation). Here are examples of the cues for “The Popcorn Sound”:

Verbal Cue: Close your lips. Pop your lips open with a puff of air.

Visual/Tactile Cue: Place fingertips of open hand on closed lips and move outward quickly as sound is made.

Elicitation: Blow out with a long breath. Use lips to break up the breath into shorter and shorter bursts of air.

iPad Screenshot 1

Finally, there are activities corresponding to each word card allowing for additional spontaneous practice of the word. These activities include:

(Examples from /s/- “The Snake Sound”)

Learn the Definition: A saw is a sharp hand tool for cutting wood.

Hear and Say the Sounds: 1. Saw has two sounds in it, s – aw.

          Say /s/. Say /aw/.
                                       Say saw.

Finish the Sentence: Sue cut the wood with her __.

Answer the Question: What is a sharp hand tool for cutting wood?

Complete the Rhyme: Paw rhymes with __.

Repeat the Phrases/Sentences: 1. A saw.

          Used a saw.
          Sue used a saw.

These activities not only provide repetitive motor planning practice which is so vital in apraxia therapy, but also meaningful vocabulary and language learning which adds to the app’s usefulness and versatility.

The design of the app allows easy access to all sounds and formats (cards, story, activities). In landscape view, the sounds are listed in a scrolling menu on the left. With a menu on the bottom, you can easily select from word cards, story, cue, activities, and notes. In portrait view, the side menu is hidden allowing for full screen view of the photo cards and other activities, but the phoneme menu is accessible with a quick swipe.

The settings tab allows you to select targets for each child either by phoneme (sound) or by syllable structure (CV, VC, CVCV, etc). There is also the ability to keep track of correct and incorrect productions and also to take notes. The notes template automatically populates with date and time to help keep track of progress over time.

Super Duper has come up with a nice, high-quality app-version of their Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards. While this app is geared towards speech language pathologists, any parent who has a son or daughter with childhood apraxia of speech could utilize this app along with the support of their child’s SLP. This app is in no way a substitute for the expertise of a speech professional, but the cues and activities provided could be a helpful support in daily home practice. It is also a wonderful tool to support phonological awareness and literacy skills. With its easy to navigate format, carefully selected targets, systematically organized word cards, and useful cues and activities, this app is a convenient and practical way to target apraxia of speech which children will love.

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Webber BIG Apraxia Webber BIG Apraxia by Super Duper Publications
Price: $49.99 USD

This educational app for the iPad® has 562 full-color photo-word cards from the Webber® BIG Apraxia Photo Cards set by Super Duper® Publications. We have carefully organized the photo-word cards by.

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