Wee Kids Math by Ebooks&kids – Review

Wee Kids Math is part of the growing library of educational apps from Ebooks & kids. Bright and colorful, it delivers a variety of Math games on algebra and arithmetic basics, numbers 0-20, calculations for beginning learners, addition and subtraction.

The strength of this app has to be the many interesting game scenes and the variety of math exercises included for each concept covered. With changing scenes and companions (animals, birds, insects, hot air balloons, ships, gondolas, spaceships, sweets, fruits, vegetables, etc.), math drills are now less boring. There are a total of 20 games, each giving a few questions or activities for your child to complete before he advances to the next game. There is no time limit for the completion of any game. Depending on the type of activities that your child is doing, the app allows for repeated play in the same game until he is able to complete it. Where it is a multiple choice question, the app allows your child just as many chances to get it right before going on. Your child will get plenty of math practice.

Of the many games, I like the addition and subtraction games in the underground maze and the subtraction game in the fruit orchard where kids can see the mathematical operations in action. It would be great if kids can also see and hear the word problems associated with these number sentences.

Despite such a great repertoire of interesting games, this app falls short of being outstanding because of the awkward navigation. Games instructions are not given at the start and the games are not named, giving us no clue as to what each is about. Even though most of the games are straightforward, I needed some time to figure out a few of them. It’s not that the instructions are not provided, they are just not that easily accessible when you need them. Instead of reading about the games beforehand, you need to get into a game and try it out first. If you still don’t get it, you can then pause the game to bring out the Help menu. From this Help menu, you can also go to the next game, go back to the previous one or even the main menu.

Having the games explanation given at the home page is ideal. This does not only shorten the learning curve but is also helpful for parents checking out the app and deciding which activities their kids should work on. Separate mute or volume control buttons for the music and sound effects should also be made available on the home page. Right now, I have to keep turning off the music at every start of a new games section. Not a big issue though since there is no spoken word in the app and I can just mute my device if I don’t want the music.

This is an ambitious app with the developer offering many math activities but it will need to include more value-added features to stand out besides addressing the navigation issue. High on my wish list is a progress report that tells me which activities my child has played and which he needs help with. An option to resume the last game is another helpful feature here since there are so many activities. Other great features that can be considered are multiple student accounts with separate progress reports.

Wee Kids Math contains many math exercises for your child to practice and these are appropriate for use from kindergarten right up to early grade level, so there is definitely a replay value. Visually, it is already a winner and content wise, the many varied activities included for its price makes it worth checking out. With some tweaks, this app can really be outstanding.