Wild Kratts World Adventure by PBS Kids- Review

Wild Kratts World Adventure is a game and science app by PBS Kids. It based on the hit animated series Wild Kratts where two brothers, Chris and Martin Kratt, take children on an adventure to discover and learn about animals in the wild. The app is designed for children aged 4-8 years old.

In Wild Kratts World Adventure, children will learn about the woodpecker, the dolphin, and the orangutan. It all begins with a game where children get to become one of the animals. As a woodpecker, they will compete against another woodpecker named Headbanger in pecking for beetles. As a dolphin, they will swim and clean up trash in the ocean while avoiding corals and other sea animals. As an orangutan, they will swing on vines to gather fruit for their family

The woodpecker game is played by tapping on the screen. The dolphin and orangutan games are played by tilting the screen left and right. If enough points are earned in a game, children are rewarded with either a sticker or a wild fact. Each game has 10 levels with increasing difficulty, but children do not have to play all the levels to earn rewards. As long as enough points are earned, the youngest user can simply play the first level over and over again to unlock all the rewards available. There are 10 stickers and 10 wild facts to collect for each animal.

Children can also take “creature selfies”. That is, they can superimpose their faces onto the animals by taking a photo of themselves. Creature selfie photos will automatically appear in the sticker book pages. Both creature selfies and sticker book pages can be saved in the camera roll.

Another thing that would make this app even better is by including photos, videos, and audio in the wild facts. I would love, for example, to hear an audio of dolphin sounds instead of just reading about it. Having photos, videos, and audio would add so much to the learning experience. It would also be helpful to have definitions for new words introduced such as echolocation, opposable, and Pileated.

A few other minor suggestions I have for improving this app is to add labels on the world map, at least to identify the continents and oceans. This would be very helpful for children just learning their geography. The audio that currently plays to identify the location of the animal habitats gets cut off and needs to be fixed so children can hear them properly. Finally, it would be great if the stickers can be resized or rotated for better, more precise placement.

Wild Kratts World Adventure does a wonderful job sparking interest in the woodpecker, the dolphin, and the orangutan. My children enjoyed it and learned a few new things about each animal. The games are fun and challenging, even for adults. Although I feel it could use some improvement, it is sure to please any Wild Kratts fan.