Word Vault Pro by Home Speech Home- Review + Giveaway

Word Vault Pro is a wonderful collection of speech and language targets developed by a married pair of Speech-Language Pathologists from Home-Speech-Home.com. Their website has a wealth of information regarding speech and language development and disorders.

In simplest terms, Word Vault Pro is an organized assortment of word lists and language stimuli for use primarily in speech therapy. It was designed to provide easy access to speech and language targets for a variety of needs. It could be thought of as a one-stop shop with extensive content covering a wide range of speech, language, and pragmatic skills.

The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate and the design is clean and sophisticated. You can create profiles for each user and can keep track of data for up to 10 users at a time. You also have the ability to create groups of users which would be helpful for use in therapy sessions. It provides the flexibility to track data and audio recordings for each individual user across all 4 of the modules. It also has the ability to send data via email in order to share progress with parents.

Another wonderful feature is the ability to add, delete or edit content with ease making this app truly versatile and limitless in potential targets. Not only can you add words and pictures, but audio recordings as well.

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The 4 modules are as follows: Articulation, Language, Phonology, and Social. The Articulation and Phonology modules provide lists of words to target in speech therapy.

In the Articulation Module, there are 87 word lists organized by sounds, syllable, and position (initial, medial, final, & blends) along with more than 8100 phrases/sentences and 115 stories for targeted articulation practice. The complexity can be set from single or multi-syllable targets to phrases, sentences and reading passages. Flexibility of targets is so useful when helping a child move from simple to more complex targets and contexts. In the articulation module of the Pro version, beautiful colored photographs are available for each word by swiping down on the word card. These pictures wonderfully convey the meaning of each concept.

The Phonology Module includes multisyllabic and final cluster words and over 450 minimal contrast pairs (i.e. rake/wake) organized by sound substitutions which are helpful for developing auditory discrimination as well as phonological awareness skills. Photographs are only available for multisyllabic words in this module.

The Language module contains the most variety with 30 different categories including: grammatical constructs such as adjectives, pronouns and verb tenses as well as more abstract language concepts such as similes/metaphors, sequencing, and analogies. The question folder has several subcategories including all wh- questions, yes/no, true/false, and function of objects. The nice thing about the language module is that it contains content appropriate for both children and adults as in the following directions and stories categories. It even provides communicative temptations and common first words and signs for use with pre-verbal children. Unfortunately, there are no visual supports for these two categories as of yet.

The Social module includes the following categories: conversation starters, emotions, idioms, inferencing, jokes, problem solving, and proverbs. There are wonderful photographs depicting the emotions with 3-9 synonyms within each folder. For the idioms and proverbs, explanations of the meanings are included which is a nice feature. And what child doesn’t like learning a good joke? Jokes are also a great way to teach multiple meanings and play on words.

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There are many features I love about this app: it is well organized & easy to navigate, a wonderful resource of speech and language targets and includes beautiful colored photographs depicting words and concepts.


The app itself does not need to be directly manipulated by the child. It is meant to be more of an organized resource of word lists and examples utilized by a speech therapist or caregiver. As such, it is often necessary to ask a question directly or provide a verbal model to the child. This would especially be true for pre-readers.

While many of the articulation targets have accompanying audio and/or photos (Pro Version only), there are many modules which lack visual support. This may not always be a necessary feature, but it is definitely needed for the common first words and first 100 signs sections. It would be especially nice if the first signs list had videos of each of the presented signs.

Finally, it would be necessary to use this app in conjunction with another activity or game to keep the child’s interest as there are no rewards or motivational features within the app itself.


Overall, the wealth of content found in this app is unmatched. While most apps focus on one specific content area (i.e. articulation, language), this app dares to provide targets across 4 distinct areas. As such, this app would be an invaluable tool for any speech pathologist or teacher to have handy for generating examples of language concepts or word lists for articulation targets. Parents looking to enhance their child’s speech and language skills would also find this app extremely helpful. But don’t just stop at speech and language. Because of the open-ended nature of the content, you can adapt the material to target an even wider variety of needs including fluency, voice, and literacy skills. It is truly an ideal collection of stimuli to have at your disposal.

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Word Vault Pro Word Vault Pro by HomeSpeechHome PLLC
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*** I can’t say enough wonderful comments about this app! – Sue
*** “I absolutely love this app.” – Amy, SLP ***

The ultimate tool for SLPs, parents, teachers, and professionals to teach articulation.

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Word Vault Essential Word Vault Essential by HomeSpeechHome PLLC
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Pro features let you…
• Play engaging games and track data in them
• Use time saving tools for the monotonous tasks of therapy
• Sync content and data between devices & view/print data.

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