World of Liberty “Chicago’s Green River Leads to the Emerald Isle!” by World of Liberty, LLC – Review & Giveaway

Liberty Lane is back, this time with an adventure spanning from Chicago to Ireland. In this app for iOS, Android and Amazon, Liberty and her friends Ellie, Georgie and Truman explore the United States and discover the connections between Chicago and Dublin, Ireland via a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. This is the second in the series of Liberty Lane apps, the first was “It’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware“. The story features “read to me”, “read by myself” and “autoplay” options for the storybook as well as word highlighting as the book is used in the read to me or autoplay mode.

One of my favorite features of the app is the way that the graphics weave so nicely with the storyline along with a specific holiday. We love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in our family, so this story weaved nicely with the holiday.. I love that it connects historical facts in ways that children engage in learning without even realizing it. My son also liked how Liberty’s laptop turned into a “magical portal” where she and her friends could travel to learn more about other countries and their connections to the United States. We lived in Chicago for several years, so I loved that the story accurately portrayed the green river and how it led to the Emerald Isle. I also liked the questions at the end of the story which help children take learning from just an onscreen experience to a true learning experience where they can show that the learned. Since we had lived in Chicago, my son actually got to see the Chicago river dyed green so he thought it was pretty interesting that Liberty Lane saw that as well.

One enhancement I would like to see is a map that shows both Chicago and Ireland and explains how far apart the two cities really are. My son didn’t understand the true “distance” between the two. It would also be fun if the “snapshots” in the story could be captured in a photo album at the end of the story.

Overall, this is a fun book that will teach your children about their world as well as the history of St. Patrick’s Day, Chicago and Dublin Ireland. It is best suited to elementary aged children. The narration, illustrations and questions at the story help your children to really understand the story as well as the connections between the two countries.