Parker The Monkey Bluebee Pals by Kayle Concepts – Review & Giveaway

Parker the Monkey is one of the brand new Bluebee Pals that features a moving head, moving mouth, weights to help him sit as well as a very plush body. Parker the Monkey and all Bluebee Pals connect to your Bluetooth enabled device which includes iPad, iPhone, iOS, Android, laptops and more and provides the sound/narration from whatever content you are using. My kids love using their Bluebee Pals not just to narrate for apps, they also enjoy listening to podcasts, making phone calls and even listening to audio books while reading along with a physical book.

Bluebee Pals are also motivating for my kids – sometimes we will pair my phone with a Bluebee Pal to help with everyday tasks like singing the cleanup song, reading books and even providing directions for a task. I use Choiceworks frequently with my younger son and with Bluebee paired to my iPad he can decipher the tasks that we need to finish using a visual schedule. Bluebee Pals are great for children with special needs Bluebee Pals also have their own free app – you can read my review and I helped to design the app! Bluebee Pals app is a fantastic app which encourages kids to learn as well as have fun. I love seeing all the different ways that my kids interact with the app and try the various activities. The app is gender neutral and allows you to pick your favorite Bluebee Pal to play along OR choose your own Bluebee Pal.
I loved the improved battery for Bluebee Pals which seems to last significantly longer compared to our previous Bluebee Pal Hudson. In addition the moving head makes the stories and narration more lifelike while listening. We also love the companion app which focuses on life skills like routines including bedtime, early academic skills including colors, item identification and letters. Of note, I had fun helping to design this app with my kids. Bluebee works with all other iOS, Android and Bluetooth enabled devices which means that it can give a voice to a child using AAC apps, provide spoken directions or practice reading and even provide the sound for games. Bluebee is a must have tech companion that my kids love. I especially liked as a parent that they can use Bluebee both on and off device to listen to different narrations, podcasts and play with quality educational apps. We recently listened to the Wizard of Oz from The Same Page Podcast using a Parker and my kids loved seeing him speak the words of the podcast.

Overall, Parker the Monkey from Bluebee Pals is a fun way to add additional interaction to your tablet or Bluetooth enabled device. My son loves hugging Parker and bringing him to appointments when he knows he will get his “iPad time”.